Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning dining on campus. If you don't find the answer to your question, please send us an email to dining.services@nyu.edu and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Meal Plans

Am I required to be on a meal plan?

New York University requires all Freshmen or first year students living in NYU housing to participate in the NYU Dining meal plan program. All Freshmen living in traditional style residence halls (Founders, Brittany, Goddard, Hayden, Rubin and Weinstein) must maintain a minimum of 225 Flex plan or higher. Freshman living in apartment style residence buildings must maintain a minimum of 113 Flex meal plan or higher. Please note all incoming Freshmen are defaulted a 300 flex meal plan, but can change starting at 5pm on July 22, 2014. (within the requirements for the residence hall or class level).

If I am a Freshman and live in a hall with a kitchen, why am I required to be on the meal plan?

A meal plan ensures that all freshmen students have access to at least one nutritious meal a day during their first year transition adapting to a busy schedule. The Dining program also promotes community building and creates a great first year experience.

Are there exceptions to the freshman mandatory meal plan policy?

The University does not make exceptions to the mandatory meal plan policy (including religious, dietary, scheduling, medical and economic reasons). In the event you believe you have an extenuating circumstance please contact Ann Marie Powell Director of Dining dining.services@nyu.edu

Can I change or cancel my meal plan?

Meal plan changes and cancellations may only be made by submitting the online form via www.housing.nyu.edu/MealPlans.  Forms must be submitted no later than September 14th, 2014, for Fall 2014 and no later than February 8th, for Spring 2015.  Residents of traditional- style halls (Founders Hall, Brittany, Goddard, Hayden, Rubin, and Weinstein) must maintain a meal plan that includes a minimum of 225 Flex. Meal plan changes and cancellations are not retroactive and become effective the first Sunday following submission of the online form. Neither noting meal plan changes or cancellation requests on Bursar’s bills nor withholding payment of meal plan charges is a valid method of modifying your meal plan.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Discuss your needs with one of our food service directors and your meal will be prepared according to your request.

If you are seeking general nutrition information on healthy eating, weight maintenance and vegetarianism, you can also meet one-on-one with the Health Promotion Office's Nutrition Health Educator, at no fee. To schedule an appointment, call (212) 443-1236.

You may also consult with our on-staff registered dietitian. To make an appointment to discuss nutritional health or special needs please call:

Laura Bennett, Nutritionist
Primary Care services
NYU University Health Center
726 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY, 10003-9580
For appointments, call (212) 443 1234

What if I have a severe medical condition or disability and can't use the meal plan?

If you believe you have a medical condition or disability that warrants an exception to the mandatory meal plan policy, you must submit a special accommodations form with supporting documentation to the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities. For forms and additional information go to www.nyu.edu/csd/.

If I have a severe food allergy, what are my options?

NYU Dining has a variety of meal plans and dining options including kosher, gluten free, halal, vegetarian, and vegan items. Dining Services will work with students who have food allergies to develop a plan for dining that accommodates their needs and provide menus with a variety of food selections. All meals are posted on the dining website at www.nyudining.com so students can make informed selections and avoid foods they are allergic to.

Many items are prepared to order and in full view to meet the student's specific request.

Warning signs are posted in dining halls and food courts reminding patrons of possible cross contamination during food preparation and cautioning patrons against cross-contamination with utensils, containers, plates and shared food.

Peanut butter and other products carrying nuts will be isolated from other foods to the extent reasonably possible and training about food allergies is provided to the dining staff. Please note that there are limitations to the type of accommodations that Dining Services can provide and strict avoidance may be the only solution to safeguard against food allergens. Please contact Ann Marie Powell, Director of Dining Services, dining.services@nyu.edu information or to set up an appointment with one of our dining managers or executive chefs.

How am I Charged for my Meal Plan?

When a student signs up or changes a meal plan membership after the beginning of a semester, the plan and charges are prorated for the remainder of that semester. Charges and refunds for all meal plans (flex plans and Dining Dollars included) are calculated on a daily basis. Weeks begin on Sunday and end of Saturday. Charges begin on the activation date, not when the students begin using their plan. The fall semester is 15 weeks and charges begin on September 2, 2014. The spring semester is 16 weeks and begins on January 26, 2015.
For example:
If a student purchases a 300 Flex plan that begins the second week of the fall semester, they receive 14/15 of the plan, or 280 meals and 140 Dining Dollars (DD). They are charged 14/15 or 93% of the original cost of the plan.

300 meals/ 15 weeks = 20 meals per week,
20 meals per week X 14 weeks= 280 meals
$150 DD/15 weeks= $10 DD/week
10 DD per week x 14 weeks=$140 DD
a. The same principle applies for changes and cancellations. The student pays for the days they own the plan (whether used or not) and receives a credit or charge on their Bursar’s account based on that change for the remaining days of the semester.”

How does the meal plan work?

Meal Plans and Dining Dollars

Eating on-campus is easy with an NYU Dining Meal Plan. We have 11 dining locations across campus that conveniently offers a variety of foods and delicious dining options. With a meal plan, you've got food covered, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about. Once you have a meal plan, your student ID works like a debit card. Simply swipe your card and the meal, meal exchange or dining dollars are deducted from your account automatically.

There are three components to our meal plans, Meal Allowance, Meal Exchange and Dining Dollars.

Meal Allowance Meal Allowance is the number of meals that can be used in all-you-care-to-eat dining locations: Weinstein, 3rd North and Hayden. The cashier will deduct one meal from your plan upon entering these locations. Once inside, you are free to eat as much as you’d like. You can also take your Meal 2 Go, by just informing the cashier when you enter the location.

Meal Exchange This feature allows you to exchange one meal allowance swipe for a combo meal at our retail food courts: Market Place at Kimmel, Weinstein Food Court, U-Hall Commons Cafe, Dunkin Donuts and Peet's Coffee and Tea.

Dining Dollars Dining Dollars (DDs) are accepted at all dining locations. DDs work like a debit card; each time you make a purchase the total is subtracted from the balance in your account. Each DD is equivalent to one U.S. Dollar. DDs are accepted at all NYU Dining locations including Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Peet's Coffee and Tea, Argo Tea and in our c-stores.

If you run low on Dining Dollars, add more throughout the semester by logging into NYU Home and going to the Housing Channel. Dining Dollars can be added in blocks of $15, $25, $50 or $100.

Unused Dining Dollars will roll over from the fall to spring semester, unused fall DDs are added to your spring balance after the last day of the meal plan drop/add period for the spring semester. Please reference the Dining Brochure for the exact date.

What are the limitations to the All Access Meal Plan?

The All Access plan, as well as the other meal plans are for the cardholder only. Up to 5 guest meal swipes can be used throughout the semester for this plan.


Where can I find more info on nutrition?

For more on Nutritional Information and Healthy for Life initiatives, visit our Eat Well section.

Why do I have to create an account in order to check out?

For you, and us, to be able to best track orders, and to be able to contact you in case of a question regarding your order we ask that you create a CampusDish account.

How do I create an account?

Click the "Login" button, and then on the login page click the "create a new account" link.

How do I find more about Nutritional Information?

Use our Comparison Box and Nutritional Calculator to get the most out of your eating decisions. Select products from the Menu section and use one of the options below to get accurate comparisons and information about your choices. 

For more on Nutritional Information and Healthy for Life initiatives, visit our Eat Well section.